Tony and Sherri have been happily married for 28 years. Although they'll be the first to admit that their marriage isn't perfect, they believe they are perfect for each other. In fact, several times a year, they travel together to churches across the country sharing their stories and insights with hundreds of other couples in their Grace Made Marriage Experiences.

Sherri holds a Masters degree in Speech and Language Pathology, M.A CCC-SLP and an Ed.S in Special Education. She is an extremely hard worker and is truly all about others. She possesses a special charm, beauty, and grace that instantly connects with people and makes them feel valuable and deeply loved by God. Family is everything to Sherri, and she is a bedrock of support for the call of God on Tony’s life wherever it may lead them. Oh, and she absolutely adores her Boston Terriers; Bella and Brindle.

Two of the best things about Sherri and Tony are their amazing children. Their son Asher is 21 years old and attends the University of North Georgia, and their 16 year old daughter Anna Grace is a junior in high school. The Sutherland's are an exceptional family, but in many ways, are just like most normal families. Through all of life's ups and downs, they have learned to overcome by trusting God and keeping their home filled with genuine love, acceptance, and forgiveness. Family is TOP PRIOIRITY to Tony and Sherri, and by the Grace of God, they have maintained their commitment to raise Godly kids and do their best to model a steadfast faith in Jesus Christ.