Tony and Sherri

For Tony and Sherri it was truly love at first sight. And although they're perfect for each other, they'll be the first to admit they are far from perfect. Theirs is a GRACE MADE marriage! God took a coal miner's daughter and a city boy, and put them together to create something truly beautiful. Tony and Sherri eventually tied the knot in a little country church in the hills of West Virginia... and 27 years later... their marriage and ministry has taken them places they never dreamed. The best thing is they are still head over heels in love with each other.

Sherri is a certified Speech and Language Pathologist with a Master’s degree in her profession. She also holds a degree as an education specialist. She is a compassionate soul who is all about others and full of beauty and grace. Family is everything to Sherri and she is without exception a bedrock of support for the call of God on Tony’s life wherever it may lead him. Oh, and she loves her Boston Terriers; Bella and Brindle.

Two of the best things about Sherri and Tony are their amazing children. Their son Asher is 20 years old and attends the University of North Georgia and their 15 year old daughter Anna is a sophmore in High School. The Sutherlands are an exceptional family but in many ways are just like most normal families. Through all of life's ups and downs, they have learned to overcome by trusting God and keeping their home filled with genuine love, acceptance and forgiveness. Family is TOP PRIOIRITY to Tony and Sherri and by the Grace of God they have maintained their commitment to raise Godly kids and do their best to model a steadfast faith in Jesus Christ.