"How long will you hesitate between two opinions? (1 Kings 18:1 NASB)
I’ve talked to so many recently who are in the midst of the valley of decision. It’s as if they’re standing on the edge of the cliff of their destiny and want to take that leap of faith. They’re hearing, “If not now when?” Recently, I was talking with a friend in such a place and God gave me this word for him almost immediately while we were talking on the phone. It came in the form of an acronym of the word J.U.M.P. Keep in mind there are many factors involved in seeking God's direction. Don't take this as the final "word" from God. I only hope that it will help in part as you seek His will in your situation.
JUGGLING... This is the season of juggling all the pros and cons, heavily weighing indecision, dreaming and wondering if God is saying yes or no. Often this involves talking to trusted advisors, mentors, friends and close relatives. This can be particularly stressful and even agonizing. However, at some point the juggling needs to stop, because no matter what phase of the decision process you’re in, there is always a potential temptation to keep juggling.
UNDERLYING FEELING... No matter how long you’ve been juggling, most of the time you will know what it is you are supposed to do. It’s that thought, picture, image, dream and bottom-line thing that is not going to go away. This is what you must settle once and for all. At this point there is no need to go back to juggling. You've done that already. The idea is to progress in your seeking. It won't do you any good to juggle because you'll just be juggling the same things and getting nowhere. You've analyzed enough. If you don't make a move you will give yourself a reason not to.
MISSION... Once you know the bottom line, it's time to focus on the task at hand. This involves all the details of moving, resigning your current job, preparing kids, selling house, etc. This doesn't always make navigating through the specifics easy, but nothing is more unnerving than moving forward indecisively. However, once you resign to the underlying feeling, it will naturally propel you forward rather than you trying to muster self-momentum. Also, this is the phase when your vision for the mission will begin to come into sharper focus. Note: Again, don’t allow the fear of uncertainty to tempt you to go back to juggling. Focus forward! Remember God's word on the matter and all the people, conversations, scriptures, and the unction you have deep inside. At this stage, God will show you a video of yourself in the place He has called you to and you'll naturally begin formulating God's strategy for your assignment. This is because God will have your total attention. You can't watch a video and juggle at the same time. The mission phase is something like an out-of-body experience. You just wont be able to stop thinking about it. In fact, it will powerfully affect your ability to even fairly concentrate on your current assignment. In other words, your spirit and thoughts will already be where God is leading you.
PEACE, PLACE, PURPOSE... This is a three-fold point. Sometimes the peace doesn't come until after you've made the decision to move. God will only tell you so much because obeying God always takes a leap of faith. If God told you every little thing to do it wouldn’t require any faith at all. Besides, in this phase you already know mostly what to do because you’ve been dreaming of it for years. You’ve worked out so many details in your head and had several Spirit-led imaginations prior to this point that you’ll almost be in default mode. Eventually you’ll find yourself in the place God has called you and fully involved and devoted to your purpose.
So, as the great prophetic 80’s Rock legend David Lee Roth once said… “You might as well go ahead and JUMP!” (cheesy synthesizer riff here).