Superabounding Grace

"Where sin increased, grace abounded all the more.” (Romans 5:20 NASB)

Despair seems to abound all around us: threat of nuclear war, mass shootings, devastating hurricanes, volatile financial markets, political uprisings, worldwide disease, etc. Not only is the Earth in chaos, but often our private world is reeling. Life feels overwhelming. Circumstances crash in like a flood. Problems seem insurmountable: family crisis, emotional trauma, financial pressures, severe illness, and even death.

Yet, the the GOOD NEWS is Jesus came to give us life MORE ABUNDANTLY (John 10:10). His love and life changes everything. Jesus didn’t come to just take us to Heaven, but to bring Heaven to us. God's Grace is more than just a free ticket to Glory. It’s the total security of knowing that He is right here with us and that He will never leave us abandoned. He is a present HELP in the time of trouble (Psalms 46:1).

Jesus is our way of escape. He is our relief, our hope, our joy in every situation. No matter what we go through, His grace is greater (1 John 4:4). God’s grace exceeds the boundaries of our limitations, supplies our deepest needs, and breaks the power of all our fears. Where sin and its effects abound, God’s grace is champion. “No power of Hell or scheme of man” can win over God’s grace (Romans 5:17,21).

The Greek word for Salvation is sozo which means healing, protection, deliverance, freedom, security, peace, and prosperity. Our salvation isn't just limited to the forgiveness of sins and assurance of our eternity with God. It's so much MORE! It includes everything that Christ provided for us through his death, burial, and resurrection. His super-abounding grace encompasses every aspect of our lives.

Through God’s unlimited Grace, we can experience more of Heaven on Earth (Mark 6:10). It not only empowers us to avoid sin and obey God, but even more so, enables us to receive the fullness of all He has given us through Jesus Christ. Grace is God’s supernatural power, peace, and provision. Wherever sin, sickness, and sorrow seem to abound, God's grace exceedingly abounds toward us over it all.