All In Good Time

“For I have assigned you a number of days…” (Ezekiel 4:5 NASB)

Ever felt stuck? Ever had location frustration? Be encouraged. God has a beginning and end for every season, and He alone determines it. Our creator didn’t just randomly fling the stars into the universe. Each one is specifically designed and placed right where He wants them. Likewise, God positions us according to His purposes. Remember: You’re not stuck... You’re STATIONED!

Stop believing that your failures prolong the seasons. God doesn’t imprison you where you are until you pass every test. He isn't relying on you. The length of your assignment isn’t dependent on you accomplishing God’s purpose but God accomplishing HIS purpose. What God began He is faithful to complete (1 Thessalonians 5:24). And whatever He does is always good (Romans 8:28).

So, learn all you can from your present assignment. These moments now will be memories later that serve to your advantage. Each day is a vital step. Don’t worry if you miss it or mess it up. God will finish what HE started (Philippians 1:6). Whatever God initiates He orchestrates! He will never abandon you or leave things undone. He will be true to His promise... all in good time.