Go Hungry!

"For the love of Christ compels us…" (2 Corinthians 5:14 NKJV)

A few days ago I started a weight loss program. It's just plain HARD, but I'm sticking to it! No turning back. Over the past few days I've learned that no matter what people tell you, if you're going to lose weight, you're just going to have to learn to live with some hunger every now and then! They say, eat clean, make healthy choices and eventually you won't feel hungry. I don't know what planet these people are living on, but that's just flat out BALONEY! Actually, the thought of bologna makes me hungry right now! Truth is, there's just no way around it. To STOP gaining weight you have to STOP eating whenever you want to. Sometimes you simply have to walk away from the pantry, put down the fork, and GO HUNGRY!

To have a true passion for God and accomplish great things for Him, there has to be something that motivates us on the inside; a deep-down, insatiable hunger! We can go faster and farther for God when we’re hungry for Him! Hunger drives us forward! No one likes to be hungry, to have a sense of unsatisfaction! And yet, it’s something we need! Craving something bad enough will keep us in forward motion. In other words, as we go, we should go HUNGRY! Are you getting it yet?

But HOW do we trigger that hunger for God? Do we emphasize more stuff to do? More formulas? More frenzy? Emphatically NO! We can’t genuinely motivate people to live for Jesus by telling them to DO more, TRY harder, JUMP through more hoops. Jumping through hoops is for circus animals! The way to set hearts ablaze is to tell them what Jesus has ALREADY done for them! Demanding imperatives (the should do’s) wears us down. Declaring indicatives (what Jesus did) inspires us to greatness!
The gospel of GRACE (the-too-good-to-be-true-news) stirs a hunger for God like nothing else! Receiving the love that God has for us will both CONTROL us from doing harmful things to ourselves and COMPEL us to do amazing things for Him! Read the key verse again. God’s love FOR US is the motivating factor, not our love for Him! When we realize just how fervently God loves us, nothing will be able to stop us! Christ’s IRREVERSIBLE love moves us FORWARD!
The gospel of grace is the SINGLE force that has supercharged and catapulted me farther than I’ve ever been! In the past, nothing I did for God seemed to completely eradicate my constant dissatisfaction of what I was doing or my guilt to please Him. But now, through His grace, I’m not learning to how to try more. I’m learning how to RELY more. In fact, I’m living for God better accidentally than I ever could have on purpose. Many of the weights and distractions I struggled with have simply fallen off of my life effortlessly. It’s all because grace reigns SUPREME in me! (Romans 6:14)
So stop striving and let GRACE, God’s unmerited love, acceptance and favor through Christ, rule YOUR life! Let grace, not guilt, motivate your passion. If you do I promise you’ll GO HUNGRY for God the rest of your life! And the paradox is… Jesus always satisfies your hunger! (John 6:35)