Clarity in Confinement

"Then the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah the second time while he was still confined in the court of the guard..." (Jeremiah 33:1 NASB)

God spoke clearly to Jeremiah while he was in confinement. Sometimes we think that God doesn’t speak to us in our difficult times. However, God can and wants to show us things that only we can see and hear when we're in the pits. When you feel stuck in life, ministry, relationships, your career, finances, etc. try to silence your anxious thoughts long enough, and be open to hear the Holy Spirit regarding your situation. (Psalms 96:10) Of course this will require that you let go of your pride as well (James 4:6). And don’t believe the lie that you’ve done something wrong to get where you are. Often, our trials are clear indicators, and even the results of what we did right. Sometimes following God's will lands us right in the middle of temporary trouble. Resistance from the enemy is a part of doing thing's God's way. For example, Noah found Grace in the eyes of the Lord, and then he had to go build a boat. Grace and favor don't necessarily mean it will be easy. Sometimes when God’s favor is on your life, things will be more difficult for a season. Just, be careful not to let the dry times discourage you, steal your faith, and pass you by without being sensitive to what God is up to around you. And no matter what happens, know that God is moving mightily on your behalf in the silence.