"You need to persevere so... you will receive what he has promised." (Hebrews 10:36 NIV)

It takes a lifetime for a God given vision to come to pass. Just think: it only takes 6 months for a mushroom to sprout up, but it takes over 60 years for an oak tree to grow to full maturity. One gets mulched up in a mower, while the other one survives storms, unbending and unbreakable. Many want to reach their pinnacle quickly. However, it takes years of compacting circumstances and strength under pressure to become something of real substance. One of the definitions of substance is "something real, not imaginary; something solid, not empty." Too many young pioneers and visionaries look for shortcuts to success rather than take the long road to fruitfulness. Real fruitfulness is a byproduct of faithfulness and perseverance instead of politics, sticking it out, and staying your post. When we attempt to take shortcuts toward our vision we will end up cutting our vision short. We must never give up and endure to the end. Nothing lasting, significant, sturdy, or truly impactful ever happened quickly. If you're facing discouraging and difficult times, it's time to hunker down even harder and trust God even when it SEEMS there's no growth or results. I call it postage stamp faith: sticking to your assignment until you reach your destination. The deeper the unseen root the higher the visible fruit. By the way... Be very mindful not to miss the wonderful things God is doing NOW for any anxiousness of what you're striving for. Today is only a result of what you believed for yesterday. Take time to thank God for the milestones you have seen and know that He is yet to do even greater. A God moment is only a result of what He has been doing in you over time! This is the stuff that real substance is made of.