LEAD 360° Description


LEAD 360° is a game changer for aspiring and seasoned leaders alike. This one-day leadership event delves deep into the nitty-gritty aspects of ministry life. It also helps leaders learn how to tackle the constant battle over ambition, self-promotion and how to bounce back from the pain of envy and rejection. These intensives address several key areas of excellence and practical application of great leadership to be pursued over the course of long-term commitment in ministry. This power packed day is designed to inspire, encourage, challenge, and motivate.

LEAD 360° is not a “how to get to the top” or “CEO style” leadership event. These in-depth sessions focus on developing a clear vision, leading from a base of acceptance in God’s Grace, and building from a model of servant-based leadership. The content also inspires a deeper place of fruitfulness in personal development and ministry practice ongoing. Tony’s acclaimed and wide selling leadership books have been written from a perspective of over 30-years of ministry and leadership experience. We PROMISE! This is a day you and your teams will NEVER forget!


8:30 Simple Breakfast (provided by host venue)

9:00 Session 1: LEADERSHIP DESTINY (Develop a Vision for Your Life and Leadership)

9:50 Break

10:00 Session 2: LEADERSHIP IDENTITY (Discover Your Complete Acceptance in Christ)

10:50 Break

11:00 Session 3: LEADERSHIP SECURITY (Embrace a Servant-Leadership Mindset)

12:00 Lunch (provided by host venue)

1:00 Session 4: LEADERSHIP INTEGRITY (Confront the Persistent ME Monsters)

1:50 Break

2:00 Session 5: LEADERSHIP QUALITY (Pursue Ongoing Leadership Development)

3:00 Prayer & Dismissal

These times and sessions can also be customized to your specific needs and schedule.

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